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I designed and developed the website for Goskate, a skateboarding community with an online store and exclusive news and videos. I am proud to have contributed to its growth and success.


Project with goskate

Background Project

The website I designed is an online platform for the skate community. The main objective of the website is to offer a complete shopping experience for skate products and a community for those who love this sport. The website has several pages, such as the home page, the shop page, the community page, the contact page, the shopping cart page, and the account access page. The project started with extensive market research and the definition of the website’s key objectives.

Project with goskate

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in developing this website was to ensure that it was easy to navigate and use for users. Additionally, it was important to ensure that the website was visually appealing and that products were presented in a clear and easy-to-purchase manner. Another important challenge was to ensure that the website was compatible with different devices and browsers. To overcome these challenges, we worked with a team of designers and developers to ensure that all aspects of the website ran smoothly.

Home page
Shop Page
Comunnity Page
News & Videos Page
Cart Page
Contact Page

Project with goskate

Project Conclusion

Overall, the project was a great success. The team was able to design and develop a complete website that met all the established objectives. The website was launched on time and received excellent feedback from the skate community. Users easily found products and community information, and the purchasing process was very straightforward. Additionally, the team received positive feedback on the website’s ease of use and quality of design. In conclusion, the website proved to be an exciting and rewarding project that met all the key objectives.

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