I'm a passionate designer with experience in tech, product, and fashion brands. Each logo I create is crafted to drive success for your business. Discover how I can help you stand out in your market and achieve your business goals. Explore my work below!
Successful projects

Crafted for an online store catering to the skate community, this logo embodies the spirit of skate culture. From selling apparel to sharing videos and fostering a social network, each element of the logo reflects the passion and energy of this vibrant community.

Crafted for a web development agency where I contributed directly to the website’s development, this logo symbolizes creativity and innovation in the digital realm. Each element reflects our wandering yet focused approach in crafting unique and remarkable web solutions for our clients.

Crafted for a full stack web developer looking to make an impact online, this logo reflects versatility and experience in web development. I was actively involved in both the logo and website creation. It portrays Alexander’s professionalism and creativity, setting a strong digital presence.

Crafted for FoundersWorkshop, this logo embodies DevRepo, a platform where entrepreneurs can log their work hours and send invoices. I had the privilege of working on the design and identity of this website, as well as its development using React. The logo reflects the efficiency and professionalism that DevRepo offers its users, providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for managing their work.

Crafted for an online store that provides a platform for up-and-coming fashion designers, this logo reflects the style and craftsmanship of the fashion industry. DeSilva opens its doors to a variety of designers to sell their products in the store. The logo evokes elegance and innovation in the fashion industry, capturing the essence of diversity and creativity found in each garment.

Crafted for an online store that honors the brave dogs who served as heroes in the wars of the United States, each cup of “Honor Guard Coffee” tells a story of courage and sacrifice. The logo features one of these noble canines, capturing the essence of their loyalty and bravery. Every sip of coffee is a tribute to their honor and service.

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